Articles & Publications 09.01.23

As Event Venues See Record Attendance, Safe Ingress and Egress Drive Liability, published in the New York Law Journal

The New York Law Journal published an article on 9/1 written by firm Attorney Fadja Tassy. The article focuses on the safety of ingress and egress at event venues, highlights notable cases of lawsuits involving ingress and egress, and provides insight into how venues can avoid lawsuits involving ingress and egress.

"The reality is that event venues pose unique risks to the public. This can be due to dangerous conditions at the venue, including spilled drinks, inadequate lighting, pyrotechnics, or simply because the risk of accidents increases whenever large crowds gather together,"  wrote Fadja. "Courts have long recognized that event venues are not the insurers of spectator safety. However, the law requires owners, operators, and promoters to implement certain safety measures at their events."

Fadja discusses Narainasami v. City of New York, which firm Shareholder Carla Varriale-Barker worked on.

“Recently, the Appellate Division, Second Department issued an opinion, Narainasami v. City of New York, 203 A.D.3d 831 (2nd Dept. 2022), deciding whether a sports venue should be held liable for the death of a baseball fan in an accident involving a means of ingress and egress,” she wrote.

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