Articles & Publications 05.13.24

Insurance Companies Must Verify AI Content to Protect Against Liabilities, published in the Legal Intelligencer

The Legal Intelligencer published an article by Sarah La Pearl and Evan Trevino, highlighting the need for insurance companies to verify AI-generated content to mitigate liabilities effectively. The article discusses the dynamic evolution of AI in the corporate and insurance sectors, emphasizing the opportunities it brings for growth.

“AI processes data on a much greater scale than humans but requires large sets of data to adequately analyze and deliver the best results in the task it is being asked to complete,” they write, underscoring the impact of AI technologies on optimizing productivity and workflow.

While the increased utilization of AI enhances efficiencies in routine tasks, La Pearl and Trevino stress the critical role of human oversight in ensuring ethical, legal, and operational integrity within insurance operations. Human judgment remains paramount to uphold fairness, transparency, and reliability in an AI-driven environment.

"Accordingly, companies must retain skilled attorneys who specialize in AI law to counsel on the implementation of mitigation processes. The attorneys must be familiar with the functionality and utility of AI as it relates to internal systems to provide the best defense possible" they advise.  

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