News 06.03.24

Segal McCambridge Secures Summary Judgment: No Liability for Premises Security in Ice Case

Segal McCambridge, led by Associate Sabrina Bazelais, achieved victory with a summary judgment win in New Jersey.

In the case, Plaintiff’s counsel argued that because Plaintiff slipped and fell, she was not "secure," and therefore, the insured failed to provide adequate security. Plaintiff’s counsel also contended that since the insured performed site patrols, they should have been aware of the ice on the ground and taken steps to prevent Plaintiff’s accident.

Our team successfully demonstrated that the contracts between the parties and deposition testimonies clearly indicated that the insured was not responsible for snow or ice at the premises. Snow and ice remediation were not included in the security services that the insured was required to provide.

The court ultimately agreed with our position, finding that the insured, as a security company, was not responsible for snow or ice at the premises. Since the insured had no duty to address snow or ice, they could not have breached any duty to Plaintiff. Consequently, the court ruled that the insured was not negligent, and the complaint against the insured was dismissed with prejudice. This outcome is a testament to the effectiveness of our legal strategy, and we are pleased with this successful result.