Articles & Publications 04.23.24

The Road to Carnegie Hall and Media Stardom: Practice, Practice, Practice! Published in the New York Law Journal

The New York Law Journal published an article on 4/23, featuring Segal McCambridge Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Jennifer O'Donnell, regarding business growth. The article highlights strategies to place attorneys in the best position for thought leadership and media opportunities. O'Donnell provides her insights into how law firms can use media training and personality insights to provide the best opportunities to each lawyer. 

“We know that not all of our attorneys will be comfortable in a media interview, or at a networking event. Biodata can help us understand the right fit for the right scenario rather than leaving it to chance," says O'Donnell. "This data helps us plan media strategies and develop our training and coaching to maximize the success of our revenue generation streams.”

Behavioral assessments can provide a strong tool for understanding different attorneys, creating media training plans, and finding the right opportunities.

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