Articles & Publications 05.14.24

Veterans Enhance Company Culture, Profits, and Leadership, Published in Bloomberg Law

Shareholder Andrew Wells' article regarding how US veterans bring valuable skills in terms of leadership, teamwork, and adaptability to the workforce published in Bloomberg Law. In the article, he highlights the duty-first attitude instilled in veterans and explores how companies can effectively leverage the skills and mindset of these individuals.

"Veterans are well-suited to the challenges of starting their own businesses or contributing anywhere they work," Wells shares. "American military experience translates into productivity and profits."

Wells also delves into important considerations for companies, such as understanding the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) and the financial incentives available for hiring veterans. He emphasizes the benefits of being a veteran-friendly employer and shares practical strategies for creating a supportive environment for veterans in the workforce.

"US military veterans can be a company’s secret weapon in the battle for talent, but corporate leaders must carefully strategize how to recruit, engage, and transition them to private sector employment," Wells writes.

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