Articles & Publications 03.05.24

Beauty In Health Equity and Opportunity: New York’s New Requirements for Cosmetology Schools and Stylists, Published in the New York Law Journal

In an article published in the New York Law Journal, Segal McCambridge Shareholder Carla Varriale-Barker discusses changes to New York law requiring that the state’s cosmetology industry not engage in racial discrimination based on natural or protective styles such locks, braids, or twists. The new requirements take effect in May, but prior to that time, cosmetology schools must update their curriculums and testing to include previously overlooked natural hair training.

“Education and training are required to offer services to individuals of all hair types and textures, including, but not limited to, various curl or wave patterns, hair strand thickness, and hair volumes,” writes Varriale-Barker. “This training fosters inclusivity because it ensures that all consumers, regardless of hair texture or style, receive the same level of attention and expertise from their stylists.”

Cosmetology schools and stylists can proactively engage in additional hands-on training so stylists can learn to work with all hair patterns and types before the law takes effect in May rather than afterward.

“The beauty industry itself has a complicated, if not ugly, history when it comes to equity and opportunity,” said Varriale-Barker. “New York has stated its commitment to inclusivity and providing necessary resources to all New Yorkers.”

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