Articles & Publications 04.22.24

Proactive Strategies Can Reduce Truck Cos.’ Accident Liability, Published in Law360

Mandy Kolodkin, a shareholder at Segal McCambridge, published an article in Law360 regarding the proactive steps that can be taken to reduce accident liability. In the article she outlines that trucking is a demanding industry that requires extended hours on the road and away from home. Given the inherent risks like fatigue and drowsiness contributing to nearly half of all accidents, implementing proactive measures becomes crucial for transportation companies.

In her article, Mandy emphasizes the importance of implementing driver safety programs to mitigate legal risks following trucking accidents. She highlights key strategies that companies should consider, such as pre-accident planning and training, ongoing electronic monitoring of driver performance, and investing in technologies like driver training simulators and telematics.

Mandy notes, "attorneys must take proactive steps to implement driver safety programs to minimize the risks of litigation down the line." Her insights underscore the critical role of proactive strategies in enhancing road safety and minimizing legal complications for trucking companies.

"Implementing a comprehensive company safety program helps reduce overall insurance costs and promotes significant human benefits," she explains. 

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