News 05.17.24

Segal McCambridge Secures Victory in Premises Liability Case

In a recent legal victory led by Segal McCambridge Senior Associate Nicholas Gisonda, our firm successfully defended our client, a landlord, against claims of negligence stemming from a premises liability case.

The plaintiff, a 42-year-old woman, alleged significant injuries after tripping and falling due to a change in elevation and poor lighting while attempting to access a rear bathroom at a store. Named defendants included the tenant and sub-tenant, with accusations focusing on the landlord's alleged failures in design, maintenance, and management of the premises.

Through meticulous argumentation, we secured summary judgment by demonstrating the landlord had transferred maintenance responsibilities to the tenant per the lease agreement. Moreover, we effectively countered building code citations and established that the landlord did not create the hazardous condition leading to the plaintiff's injuries. This outcome underscores our commitment to achieving favorable results through strategic legal expertise and diligent client advocacy.