Articles & Publications 02.29.24

Complex Claims Panel Delves into ADAS, Autonomous Vehicle Challenges, Published in ALM | PropertyCasualty360

In an article published on 2/29, ALM | PropertyCasualty 360 covered Segal McCambridge Shareholder Ken Williams' panel, "Driving Disruptors: A Crash Course in the Complex Challenges of Autonomous and Electric Vehicles," held at the recent ALM PropertyCasualty360 2024 Complex Claims and Litigation Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada. The panel, moderated by Karen Tucker from Cincinnati Insurance, delved into the profound impact of modern automotive technology on the insurance industry.

Williams, in his role as panel leader, highlighted the paramount importance of insurance carriers in grappling with the complexities of accident responsibility. He emphasized, "The answers are going to define a lot for the future areas of claims investigations, litigation, coverages, and exposure."

The discussion, enriched by insights from industry professionals like Mike Stankard, Managing Director at Aon plc, and Erin Erickson, Managing Partner at Bohyer, Erickson, Beaudette & Tranel, unveiled the implications of the burgeoning autonomous and electric vehicle landscape. Williams underscored the necessity for adapting practices to effectively manage emerging risks in this rapidly evolving terrain.

Williams further articulated, "The long-haul trucking [industry] is now in the advanced stages of testing autonomous vehicles and is going to come online pretty quickly. I venture that someday down the road there will be single lanes dedicated exclusively to autonomous (long-haul) trucks."

The article elucidates the critical discussions that unfolded during the panel, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities presented by the advent of autonomous and electric vehicles in the realm of insurance claims and litigation.

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