News 11.29.21

Preventing Nuclear Verdicts Before Arriving at the Courthouse

Importance of proactively managing discovery to control ridiculous settlements and verdicts.

The nuclear bomb was not created in a day, the same goes for a nuclear settlement or verdict.

  • 99% of the time your case will be won or lost during depositions.

  • Defending a potentially high exposure case cannot be done on the cheap or entrusted to inexperienced lawyers.

  • Case funding is driving more aggressive plaintiff tactics and will cause them to try more cases.

  • Discovery failures are avoidable.

  • All hope is not lost: having proactive and aggressive defense counsel will put you in a better place to settle the case for a reasonable amount.  

A trusted beacon to its clients, Segal McCambridge's trial team helps defendants avoid nuclear verdicts. The team includes:

Paul D. Motz, Chicago

Heather A. Snider-Levinsky, Chicago

Dinesh D. Dadlani, Jersey City

Ilana S. Hanau, New York

Ilana B. Olman, Fort Lauderdale

Peter J. Strelitz, Austin

Carla Varriale-Barker, New York

David J. Yates, Detroit