News 01.09.24

Segal McCambridge Wins Summary Judgment in Exposure Case: Establishes Absence of Causation

Segal McCambridge successfully obtained summary judgment in a complex exposure case arising out of construction projects spanning from 2001 to 2011, including prominent sites such as Citi Field, Battery Maritime Building, and the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse. 

In this case, Plaintiff commenced an action pursuant to, among other things, New York’s Labor Law and sought damages for his alleged exposure to lead-related and other hazards while he worked at several sites located throughout New York City.  Through deposition testimony and an expert opinion from a noted occupational and environmental lung diseases expert, Segal McCambridge effectively refuted each of plaintiff’s allegations. Plaintiff failed to adduce adequate medical evidence supporting a claim that plaintiff’s claimed health injuries stemmed from exposure from his work at Citi Field. The Supreme Court, New York County agreed and granted summary judgment, dismissing all claims.

Marie-Victoire Wickers represented Queens Ballpark Company, L.L.C.