Featured attorney Erica J. Bury

Erica J. Bury

Senior Associate Chicago, IL

"The firm has an inclusive culture that allows all voices to be heard and valued. The mentoring that I have received both informally and formally through programs such as Forward Together has allowed me to learn from my colleagues and develop my own practice."

Segal McCambridge associates learn the importance of legal acumen and client service from day one.

No matter the level at which they join us, associates are offered significant responsibility and the opportunity to experience different practice areas and clients of varying sizes.

Associates gain exposure to complex cases from the start, yet we always provide them with support or resources to ensure favorable client outcomes. 

Segal McCambridge taps candidates who are committed to a career in litigation and have demonstrated an aptitude in law school or at another firm. We demonstrate our commitment to them with our firmwide mentor-mentee program, our Forward Together women’s initiative, in-house training and written review programs.

While we are aggressive and competitive, we never lose our sense of fairness and balance. Hard work is expected, but it is encouraged, recognized and rewarded.