Associates as the Future of the Firm

Segal McCambridge believes that professional mentorship is critical to the firm, its clients and development of its associates.

Mentorship facilitates improvement of professional skills and interactions; emphasizes attention to client needs; builds understanding of the firm’s cultural and interpersonal dynamics; and increases awareness of the firm’s policies, programs and procedures.

The mentorship program is administered by the firm’s Associate Development Committee. Mentors meet with associates at least four times each year either virtually, over the phone or in-person.

The firm’s mentorship experience also speaks to inclusion and strives to build respect, trust, communion and friendship. Half of shareholder mentors are minority, female or LGBTQ+ to help ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion play a leading role in the program. Our women’s initiative Forward Together provides an additional mentor to associates who are women.

Mentorship has taken on an especially important role during the pandemic in developing firm cohesion, personal connections and esprit de corps as physical presence at the firm has become a less significant part of associates’ professional lives.

Associate Development Committee