In today’s technology-driven business climate, companies of all sizes face greater cyber liability exposure than ever before.

Fortunately, there are steps companies can take to minimize the risk of a data breach.

Industry best practices require the development and implementation of key policies and procedures, deployment of highly skilled internal and external IT experts, as well as active involvement of C-suite and board members.

What We Do

Segal McCambridge attorneys are at the forefront of technology and cyber issues, ensuring that our clients proactively manage and limit the risks they face.

The speed with which information is stored and transferred continues to drive competition in a business world where companies electronically process, transmit and store voluminous amounts of private, specialized and trade secret information.

With companies doing business globally – often with a partially remote workforce – the stakes are high.

At any moment, a data breach can result in catastrophic financial and reputational loss.

Our attorneys develop and implement policies and procedures in key risk management areas including:

  • Emergency response
  • Contract/business partner management
  • Employee training
  • Insurance coverage
  • State-of-the-art IT protections

Our counseling services ensure that corporate decision-makers are equipped with the knowledge and direction necessary to effectively manage their cyber risk.

Who We Serve

  • Businesses and corporations
  • C-Suite executives and corporate board members
  • Technology companies
  • Insurance companies

How We Do It

Segal McCambridge works with companies to develop and implement policies and procedures directed toward enhancing cyber resilience to minimize the risk of a cyber attack. 

We also defend companies against myriad claims and litigation. Our experience in this arena gives us keen insight into the realities of business operations — an invaluable edge when defending companies in arbitration or at trial.

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