The elevated stature of professionals makes them ready targets in today’s litigious society for plaintiffs eager to challenge the appropriateness of professionals’ decisions, advice and activities – especially when they result in an unexpected outcome. 

Segal McCambridge understands professional liability defense, bringing decades of experience defending professionals across the country against the high-risk claims that threaten their livelihood and careers. 

What We Do

To successfully represent a professional, an attorney must possess an in-depth knowledge and understanding of his client’s chosen profession, the rules and regulations that govern the profession and the standards of care to which the professional is held.

Segal McCambridge understands all aspects of defending professionals in high-risk claims that threaten their livelihood and careers both in a pre-suit setting and in litigation, bringing decades of experience to every attorney-client relationship.

Who We Serve

  • Accountants
  • Architects and engineers
  • Hospitals
  • Lawyers
  • Medical and dental professionals
  • Medical clinics
  • Nursing homes, long-term care and assisted living facilities and their employees
  • Public officials
  • Surgery centers

 How We Do It

Our attorneys aggressively represent professionals in state and federal courts and with the regulatory bodies that oversee each profession.

Our national team of trial and appellate attorneys boasts an impressive track record of successfully defending professionals and keeping reputations intact.

This deep experience gives our clients an edge as we successfully convey the complexities, intricacies, nuances and risks attendant to the professional’s role in delivering care or a service.

Professional Liability Service Sectors


Segal McCambridge defends accountants against claimed negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, ethics violations and violations of the standard of care pertaining to tax, accounting and auditing practices.

Our attorneys are fluent in tax, auditing rules and standards affecting accountants and experienced with various tax, auditing and financial statements, giving our accounting firm clients a leg up when mounting a defense.

Architects & Engineers

Construction projects present many risks, from design flaws, building errors and defective workmanship to negligence allegations, malpractice claims and personal injury lawsuits.

We represent design and engineering professionals throughout all phases of development projects and at every stage of disputes from pre-bid considerations, bidding, initial design, permitting and approvals through construction, delays, accidents or injuries, project completion and post-completion issues. 


Segal McCambridge defends lawyers in legal malpractice/breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits and assists lawyers in handling the grievance process. 

We have actively represented, counseled and successfully defended these claims for decades using alternative dispute resolution, confidential early case settlements and, when required, dynamic litigation and trial strategies/tactics to achieve favorable results for our professional clients.  

Medical & Dental Professionals

We regularly represent physicians, hospitals, nurses, dentists and other healthcare providers in a variety of claims, disposing of cases quickly and quietly when possible and aggressively litigating them when needed.

Our team skillfully simplifies difficult medical and standard of care concepts for juries and judges, building strong, comprehensive defenses resulting in successful outcomes for our clients.

Nursing Homes, Long-Term Care & Assisted Living Facilities and Employees

Our team understands that elder- and long-term care facilities face a host of challenges on many fronts, including claims of patient neglect, abuse and medical negligence, as well as facilities operations issues, labor concerns, regulatory compliance, government oversight, premises liability and insurance coverage.

With so much at stake, immediate access to knowledgeable counsel and experienced litigators is crucial.

Representing nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and long-term care providers and their staff, as well as insurers, we have a proven track record of success defending our clients’ interests in and out of court.

Public Officials

Segal McCambridge knows that the decisions made by police officers, elected officials, trustees, superintendents, municipal administrators and other public servants are often challenged.

We are skilled in defending governmental officials and entities and successfully defending against all manners of governmental liability claims brought in both federal and state forums.

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