Toxic tort claims can be catastrophic to a business, and mounting a successful defense requires a deep understanding of highly technical and nuanced science and law.

Segal McCambridge has a deep understanding of the statutory framework and applicable government regulations surrounding toxic substance exposure, as well as a mastery of the underlying science involved in each toxic tort case. 

Our attorneys deftly translate these complicated scientific, medical and legal concepts into language that a judge or jury can easily understand.

What We Do

From single-plaintiff lawsuits to multidistrict litigation, class actions, mass tort actions, consolidated cases and concurrent state and federal court cases, Segal McCambridge has successfully litigated thousands of toxic tort and environmental claims.

Whether serving as national trial counsel, national coordinating counsel, regional or local counsel, MDL counsel or expert development counsel, we manage all aspects of litigation from pre-trial discovery through trial and appeals.

We effectively argue causation defenses and risk transfer/liability sharing using up-to-date scientific evidence and legal doctrines to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Who We Serve

Segal McCambridge lawyers have defended manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, property owners and employers against personal injury, catastrophic loss, property damage, soil, air and water contamination and reduced property value claims across a variety of toxic substance exposure cases.

Modern advances in technology, science and manufacturing have created a steady stream of new and evolving allegations of harm from toxic substances over the years. We stay abreast of all of them and maintain a watchful eye to get ahead of future sources of toxic tort litigation.

Segal McCambridge defends alleged exposure to any hazardous substance, including but not limited to:

  • Asbestos
  • Benzene
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Chemical exposures, leaks and spills
  • Coal dust
  • Groundwater contamination
  • Lead poisoning
  • Legionella
  • Mercury poisoning
  • Mold
  • Pesticides
  • Silica
  • Talc
  • Vinyl chloride

How We Do It

Recognizing that scientific and technical evidence is often a key aspect of a successful toxic tort defense, we utilize state-of-the-art document management systems and maintain a comprehensive database of medical and scientific sources, expert witness testimony and legal research.

Combining these resources with our long-standing relationships with experts in fields such as epidemiology, industrial hygiene, material science, oncology, pathology, pulmonology, radiology and toxicology, we efficiently litigate even the largest and most complicated cases.

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