A hard-fought victory or tough loss at trial may be just the first act in the litigation drama, with the final scene playing out on appeal. Preserving victories or righting errors on appeal requires a special skill set and approach vastly different from that at the trial court level.

What We Do

Segal McCambridge attorneys are skilled in the art of appeals, making us a top choice for litigants in the appellate process. With insights acquired from more than three decades in federal and state appellate courts at all levels, including the United States Supreme Court, our lawyers understand appellate judges’ perspectives and craft articulate arguments for strong results.

How We Do It

Success on appeal is a collaborative process that involves our appellate group, the client and trial counsel. We work as a team to identify and frame key issues, properly construct the trial record and present a clear and concise argument. Our collaborative approach minimizes the chance of an appeal undermining a client’s hard-fought victory and maximizes the prospect of having legal errors reversed.


Lorena V. Bejan

Associate Detroit, MI

Christopher B. Best

Senior Associate Detroit, MI

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Senior Associate Chicago, IL

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Senior Associate Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Senior Associate New York, NY