Segal McCambridge is the go-to firm for defending insurers against first-party claims, with a deep history of representing national, regional, and specialty insurers in complex legal disputes with their insureds.

Our experience includes commercial and residential cases involving multi-million-dollar claims resulting from wind and hurricane damage, water damage, fire damage and other types of property and auto damage. We manage the unique risks associated with bad faith and extra-contractual claims. Our team has extensive experience defending first-party personal injury protection (PIP) cases, as well as uninsured and underinsured motorist claims.

What We Do

Clients choose Segal McCambridge for our depth of understanding of complex No-Fault statutes as well as related state and federal law, as we work alongside insurers defending fraudulent and overreaching claims.  

We understand the high-stakes and precedent-setting concerns of these cases and move quickly to bring matters to resolution, often long before moving into the trial phase.

Protecting our clients’ business interests is our priority, from initial claim investigation to defending their position in litigation and on appeal.

We regularly:

  • Assist in managing claim investigations
  • Work closely with industry experts and consultants
  • Conduct fraud and arson investigations
  • Conduct examinations under oath
  • Mitigate or eliminate bad faith findings
  • Explore resolution through negotiation prior to litigation

 Who We Serve

  • National insurers
  • Regional insurers
  • Specialty insurers

 How We Do It

Segal McCambridge applies its deep knowledge of first-party insurance claim handling and real-world trial experience to every client relationship.

When insurance clients are faced with mass claims and lawsuits, we deploy our skills and insurance policy knowledge to help them craft the most cost-effective strategies for expeditious resolution, or when necessary, trial.



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